I call upon a lineage of the feminine, those who came before, who marked this space, conjuring their (in)sanity as a portal place of seeing.


Creating a liminal space - weaving together memories of the past, present, and future - to discover works in which our current reality is questioned and sanguine futures are dreamed on. 


A space, a process, a practice grounded in love and joy which allows us to travel to the deep unknown within ourselves, others, communities and worlds.  


To do so moved by the spirit of absolute creativity. Divine in all its forms, interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary, beyond disciplinary. A true experiment manifested by the collective, for the collective.


Working not alone, but with, within, around, in between, upon, interwoven, rooted in a community; seeking good for ourselves and others. Seeking answers - finding ourselves closer to understanding. What? What it means to be human in this world.

Genevieve’s practice revolves around the dual tracks of radically inclusive, community based work and socially minded, critiques of classics for a contemporary audience. Her latest work, a radically reimagined production of Ingmar Bergman's seminole work, Cries and Whispers, was presented in collaboration with renowned Haegum performer Jeonghyoo Joo through the Center for New Performance and Korean Arts Council. 


She has worked in various capacities with The Center for New Performance, The Chicago Shakespeare Theater, Lookingglass Theater, Steppenwolf’s 1700 Theater, Chicago Dramatists, Big Bridge Consortium, Heritage Arts Company, The Special Olympics of Illinois, the senior citizen musical theater troupe Still Acting Up. Genevieve is a company member of Collaboraction Theater Company and artistic associate with Medina Theater Collective.


As part of her arts and social justice work Genevieve holds the position of production associate with  Arts In A Changing America.


Genevieve Genevieve holds an MFA in Directing from the CalArts School of Theater and a BA from Vassar College.

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